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December Mandate – Goals

November 29th, 2016 | Tags: | No Comments »

The mandate goal for December will be to have a completed eBook that people can use to learn about genealogy so that they can research their own family histories.

As a stretch goal I’d also like to look into building out a quick website to promote/sell/distribute the book.

And finally, as a personal goal, I’d like to investigate using the funds for this month’s mandate to see what parts of the project I can outsource.  I’d like to teach myself how to have others do the things that they better at than I am while I focus on the things that I can uniquely add.  For this project I’m thinking things like editing and cover art might be worthy things to outsource. Additionally, I’d like to investigate if there are any tools for purchase that might make this project easier instead of struggling and wasting time with free tools.  In quickly thinking about this there might be some tools out there for making/publishing PDFs or ePubs or maybe something that can convert between formats.  I’ll have to take a look.

Also, if there are any funds left over, I could possibly use those for the website portion of the stretch goal.