Finding motivation to set and reach goals -
one month at a time.

I am, as my wife puts it, a serial hobbyist.

In industry and in entrepreneurship you hear versions of the same thing said again and again:

“You must become an expert in your chosen field to succeed.”

Well, I’m not that.  I’m not an expert, I’m a generalist and I always thought this was a problem.  It meant that I could never have my own company or really succeed in business at all.  Everyone wants you to be an expert.  But I don’t like any one thing enough to spend all of my time on only that.  In fact, whenever I feel pressure to choose something like that I end up doing nothing because I get into a sort of paralysis where I think that whatever I decide to focus on will mean that I can’t do any of the other things that I’d like to do.

But, now, I’ve decided that being a jack of all trades is an asset and I’m going to do all of the things that I’m interested in.  I’m just going to do them one month at a time.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

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