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December Mandate – Week 1/Day 1

December 1st, 2016 | Tags: | No Comments »

First mandate – First day – First problem.

I was excited to get going this morning but when I sat down to actually do anything I was overwhelmed and anxious.  So, I procrastinated for bit. Got up – walked around – got some tea.  Then told myself I’d just tackle setting up a Trello board to organize tasks.  After I did that, I start to prioritize the tasks and then some of them didn’t look so daunting.  So I started researching existing books on Amazon (“Look Inside!” FTW!).

Then I thought that I could take the good parts of some of these books and start building an outline/table of contents for my book from that.  Things started to flow a little faster after that and I think I made good progress on the outline.  I realized though that I was trying to make everything perfect.  I was trying to make sure that I included every little tidbit in every chapter.  I needed to remind myself that this is an iterative process and that it was better to just get something out on (digital) paper than to have it be perfect.  I will modify and update it as I go through the process.  I suspect that this will be a recurring problem that I will have to deal with especially when I get to the writing and editing.  But, all-in-all I’m happy with the progress today.

Hopefully today’s success in overcoming the first hurdle (anxiety, being overwhelmed) and actually getting something done will help me continue through the next days.

Next up is probably going to be refining the outline and considering how to provide visual examples – Should I use my own family research, another family that I’ve done (probably would need to get permission) or start up something new for a famous person and use that?

Time Spent: 1 hour


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