Steven Goldberg

Engineering Leader | Team Builder | System Architect

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Steven Goldberg

Experienced engineering leader specializing in the people, processes, and products of software development. Experience in both Enterprise and Startup environments as well as managing managers, growing organizations and managing costs. A servant leader that believes that his role is to help the team and company succeed. Looking for an opportunity leading an engineering organization to drive value for customers.


Work Experience


Healthtech SaaS - Y-Combinator W11

In 2019, I joined DrChrono after spending 20+ years working in the data storage industry at huge multinational corporations. Initially, I was brought on to be a Senior Full-Stack Engineer. I was one of only three people in the engineering team of 20 that had more than about three years of experience. At that time, I was working in Python/Django as well as with AWS Lambdas and was helping the team to directly implement new features.

After about 3 or 4 months, the one manager we had left the company. So, I went to the VP of Engineering and told him that he was going to have a difficult time managing 20 engineers directly, that I had management experience from my EMC days, and that I was willing to help him out. His response was, "Great! Here are some teams to manage."

A few months after I took over as the Engineering Manager, the VP also left the company. So, at that point, there was me and about 19 engineers. I was going to have to run the entire team.

And so, I took over running the entire DrChrono engineering team and ended up working directly with one of our co-founders (and COO). I developed a hiring plan and interview process which lead to hiring 29 people in 10 months from all over the world. I reorganized our entirely flat engineering team into a pod structure with Agile principles (Scrum and Kanban) across those teams. I re-levelled everyone on the engineering team according to a career matrix that I developed as well as worked to align everyone's compensation to those levels. DrChrono now stands at a team of 45+ across web and mobile development, QA, DevOps, and Scrum Masters.

In addition to just building out the team, improving the engineering culture (-50 eNPS to +70!), and organizing engineering processes, I also worked to move our technology forward by organizing our technical roadmap, by working with my counterparts on the product team to prioritize those items, and directing the major infrastructure shift of moving to AWS from our previous service provider.

My time at DrChrono has been an adventure in all of the people, product, and process fronts. I have worked with people from across the company; from finance to customer service, marketing to sales, people operations to the legal team.


Advanced Development Lab - AI/ML

At Futurewei, I worked as a Senior Software Architect in the Storage Lab which was, in effect, an advanced development group charged with trying to find the next best, latest and greatest thing in software for data storage. While there I worked on an AI/ML data pipeline project where we were trying to predict when a solid-state harddrive was going to fail. The company shipped refrigerator sized cabinets full of harddrives so it would have been very nice to know when one of those drives was going to fail before it actually did. At the time, the industry standard was about 50% accurate in predicting drive failures within two weeks. Our system was shown to be approximately 96% accurate. The team on this project was only myself and one other initially, though once we had the system working, we brought on a data scientist and a few interns to help complete the work.

Working at Futurewei was my first foray into the startup environment. Though we had the backing of a very large company, we were only about 20 people in the office and we were constantly working on new and exciting things like an IoT initiative where I wrote an iOS app to track automobile data using the ODBII port. That data was then sent over the cell network to our servers and was replicated instantly across multiple cloud providers (AWS and Azure).


Data Storage - Flagship Enterprise Product

EMC² (Dell)
EMC² was my first full-time role after graduating from college and I spent almost 20 years working in various roles thoughout the company. In my time there, I worked on everything from hardware and device drivers, to firmware and embedded systems, to API, CLI, and UI projects. I was, at various times, an individual contributor, a project lead and a team lead, as well as a manager, architect and consultant.

My most interesting project at EMC² was a project that I started from only a set of requirements. That project was to take our storage array management software, that usually ran on a server next to the array, and to embed that to run inside the system on the hardware we already included. This meant working with the hardware, microcode, and software teams to organize resources to actually build the highly-available embedded Linux system that I had designed and was hosted on our own in-house developed hypervisor. In the end, when we shipped the first system with the integrated management software, it meant that customers could install a new storage array by simply plugging in power and an ethernet cable. This simplified installation cost and time as well as the ongoing maintenance costs of the array.